The Truth About Aging

The Truth About Aging


Pollution, UV rays, stress -- your skin is constantly fighting for survival. Over time, these environmental stressors lead to cell damage and death. Slowly, your skin's barrier will be compromised due to the cell loss, the remaining cells will produce less and less supportive matrix such as collagen and water loss will increase.

As a result of the normal aging process and additional exposure to pollution, our skin can lose its barrier function and the gaps between cells will start to appear. However, there are things in nature that can protect us. Quthero's product can help to create a supportive environment for skin cells. 

These naturally occurring molecules form the basis of full regeneration in some organisms and young humans.

One of these things is Quthero’s unique heptapeptide

Our research also shows that Quthero's heptapeptide creates a supportive environment for skin cells to migrate and close such gaps, as illustrated in the video below.


The video shows skin cells in the group with heptapeptide moving to close the microscopic gap in just 6 hours after the intentional creation of this gap.

These findings form the basis for

a product that is specially bioengineered to help
support skin health and designed to diminish the signs of aging
through a patented formula of Quthero’s


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