Bioengineered for Skin Regeneration

15 years of medical research led to the discovery of a naturally occurring regenerative peptide. This peptide is the breakthrough technology found in Quthero Skincare. We've thoughtfully hand selected and bioengineered a hydrating moisturizer for skin regeneration and age prevention. Say goodbye to dry and uneven skin, and hello to a youthful glow. 



Backed by 15+ years of research and formulated with Quthero’s unique heptapeptide.

Kerra is a potent formulation, bioengineered to help protect your skin from everyday environmental stresses and make it feel younger, smoother and healthier.

Kerra will help to:

  • Improve skin texture and tone
  • Improve dry and compromised skin to relieve irritation, redness, and flaking
  • Strengthen the skin’s natural barrier to replenish hydration
  • Keep the skin protected from everyday pollution and environmental stress


Our Heptapeptide

A finding born from medical research by an award-winning professor, Milica Radisic, at the University of Toronto. Quthero’s exclusive heptapeptide is lab-proven to keep skin cells healthy under harsh conditions. Kerra is specially bioengineered to reduce scarring, minimize inflammation, and diminish the signs of aging.

Our Research

The Truth About Aging

Pollution, UV rays, stress- your skin is constantly fighting for survival. Over time, these environmental stressors lead to cell damage and death. Slowly, your skin's barrier will be compromised due to the cell loss, the remaining cells will produce less and less supportive matrix such as collagen and water loss will increase.

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